At Gesprek met personeel you can take advantage of various services in the field of personnel matters. We distinguish between HR services and P&O services. We relieve managers and employers who are looking to hire an (interim) HR or P&O professional. 
Staff is the heart of an organisation. If your personnel matters are in order and you have motivated and satisfied employees, this ensures a pleasant atmosphere on the shop floor. In addition, it prevents serious conflicts. We summarise the advantages of a good personnel policy for you:
  • Prevention of conflicts
  • Less absenteeism
  • Dossiers that are up to date
  • Agreements that are properly recorded
Enough reasons to have your staff affairs in good order. Could this be more efficient within your organisation? Or are certain matters running aground, causing problems with employees? Then we would like to assist you as an HR or P&O professional. 
We offer you personal guidance. This guidance starts with an on-site inventory of the problems. Through our years of experience with problem files, and because we are of course well-informed about the current regulations, we immediately see what needs to be done. We then take care of the implementation of these solutions as part of the team. We think it is very important to offer employees a listening ear and then also come up with a suitable solution. This is how trust grows and employees come to work with more pleasure.
Because we can offer you a wide range of services, our professional takes on all the tasks that you would normally have to outsource to several employees. 
Our HR services include sick leave management, drawing up contracts and dismissal letters, and supervising difficult discussions, such as a performance review. We are also the point of contact for personnel matters, both for the employees and the manager(s).
With our P&O services we focus on the processes of organisational and personnel development. We offer guidance in the field of ICT and back office services. Process auditing (is everything running smoothly, are you not paying too much, what is the risk?) also falls under the core tasks.

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