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Efficient personnel management is the driving force behind a successful organisation. After all, employees are responsible for carrying out all work. Naturally, you want to keep these employees motivated and satisfied. To ensure that HR is and remains a well-oiled machine, it is crucial to continuously optimise the processes behind it. Not sure where to start? Or are you running into problems? Then Gesprek met personeel will be happy to relieve you of your problems with interim HR services. 
P&O advice and consultancy
P&O stands for personnel & organisation. With our P&O services we focus on the processes of organisational and personnel development. Think for example of guidance in the area of ICT and back office services. You could see it as the piece behind the personnel policy, the preparation and aftercare of HR. Where does it get stuck? To be able to support you in this, we first give you tailored advice. We do this by walking along the shop floor and taking stock of where the problems are. With our helicopter view, we immediately see where there is room for improvement.   
Our approach on site
Because we are well-informed about all current regulations, we offer efficient solutions. We then implement these as part of your organisation. Our goal is to unburden you, so that you can focus on other important tasks. 
We work on a structural basis, for example a fixed number of hours per week. We do this on location, as part of the team. 
A selection of our P&O services:
Managing and advising on ICT services
Managing and advising on back office services
Process screening (is everything running smoothly, are you not paying too much, what is the risk?)
Calling in the P&O professional in the event of a staff discussion
Could your personnel matters be more efficient and do you have the feeling that certain things are getting stuck? Or are there other P&O-related problems? Then contact us. We will be happy to take up this part so that HR can (continue to) do its job properly. Thanks to our years of experience with problem files, we know exactly what needs to change within an organisation for a better policy. We give appropriate advice and implement it immediately.


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