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Gesprek met personeel was founded by Joost Horlings. As an interim HR professional, Joost supports organisations with stalled files in the field of personnel matters. 

Years of experience with problem files
Thanks to his years of experience with problem files, Joost knows how to get to the heart of the matter in no time. By walking along on the shop floor, he makes an inventory of the problems. Through personal guidance, Joost ensures an appropriate approach. 

Joost started as an HR manager after completing the HBO Management course. He is also a certified mediator with a specialisation in labour law. With specific knowledge of the Flexwet (Flexibility and Security Act) and managing sick leave, Joost is there for both employers and employees within an organisation. By really entering into a dialogue with staff, trust grows between managers and employees. 
Joost: "The combination of dealing with people, supervising discussions between managers and staff and advising the company makes my work so attractive. What does someone mean by what he or she says and what is the question behind the question? These kinds of questions make my work fascinating and in this underlying idea I find real depth in the conversations I have." 

Your HR and P&O partner
As an HR and P&O partner, Joost offers various services. HR services include interview guidance, sick leave management and the drafting of contracts and dismissal letters. Another crucial task is to act as the point of contact for personnel matters, both for employees and managers. 

P&O services involve reviewing and improving the processes of organisational and personnel development. Here you can think of ICT and back office services. Questions are asked, for example, about whether you are paying too much and whether everything is running smoothly. We also take a critical look at the risks present. 

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