Sick leave

An important part of our HR services is absence guidance. Absenteeism is a structural problem within organisations. By dealing with this in the right way, you can prevent a lot of problems with employees and various institutions. Do you have to deal with deadlocked files or problems with absenteeism? Then use Gesprek met personeel for assistance with sick leave. 
Absenteeism management
Absenteeism management is the management and tracking of absenteeism. This includes contact with the occupational health and safety service and reporting absenteeism. Absence means that an employee is not present at work due to illness. This may be for a short period, but it can also last longer. Because healthy employees ensure a well-run business, absence management is very important. Research has shown that the happier employees are at work, the less absenteeism there is. Therefore, an absenteeism manager deals with both the cause and the consequences of absenteeism within a company.  
Absenteeism counselling services
Via Gesprek met personeel you can engage an interim absenteeism manager. If within your organisation you have to deal with too much absenteeism or with deadlocked dossiers, our professional is there to assist you. Through the combination of knowledge about the WVP (Wet Verbetering poortwachter) and the right communication skills that our absence manager has, you stand stronger together. Both within your organisation and towards different authorities. 
Services that fall under absenteeism guidance are:
Contact/coaching of occupational health and safety service
Contact/coach for absenteeism insurance
Turnaround times for the Wet Verbetering Poortwachter (Eligibility for Permanent Invalidity Benefit (Restrictions) Act)
Managing sickness records + guidance towards WIA
Reporting sick/reporting better
Tackling the cause and preventing serious consequences
A skilled absenteeism manager ensures that the absenteeism within an organisation is reduced by tackling the cause. By talking to employees in a good way and showing that they are really being listened to, the trust of staff in the organisation grows. In situations where this station has already been passed, the absenteeism manager advises employers on how a specific situation can best be tackled. It is important to know what is and is not allowed and to submit complete and accurate files to the various authorities. This prevents serious errors and consequences with regard to benefits, for example. In addition, it saves a lot of time if everything is submitted correctly at once. 
Engage an sick leave manager
Are you interested in engaging an absence manager? Or do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact us. Together we will look at what the best solution is in your situation.

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