Conversation support for difficult conversations is part of the HR services of Gesprek met personeel. Preparing and conducting difficult interviews is a task that many employers and managers dread. It must be handled with care in order to avoid conflicts. That is why Gesprek met personeel gladly accompanies you during an assessment interview, a performance interview or other HR interviews.
Guidance for an assessment interview
The assessment interview is a one-sided conversation in which the employer assesses the employee. The interview includes a discussion about how the past year has gone and whether there are any consequences. This can be a positive conversation, but it can also mean that criticism is expressed and that firm agreements must be made. To prevent this from escalating into a conflict and to keep the conversation calm and equal, it is wise to call in an impartial professional. 
Support during a performance appraisal
A performance appraisal is a conversation in which both employer and employee can give feedback about the functioning within the organisation. The focus is on improving performance and the working relationship in the future. Despite the positive approach of the interview, there may be points of criticism. A conversation leader ensures a constructive conversation by converting points of criticism into a process of improvement. This prevents a deterioration of the relationship. In addition, the interviewer ensures a correct report to complete the personnel file. 
Other HR interviews
Gesprek met personeel is also the right address for other HR interviews, such as career interviews or absence interviews. HR interviews usually recur annually, making the use of an interim interviewer very efficient. This way there is a fixed point of contact for all matters regarding HR interviews. Our professional is of course aware of all current issues regarding employment conditions. 
Engage a conversation supervisor
Do you not know exactly how to handle the interviews with your staff? And would you like to outsource this task? Then engage a conversation supervisor via Conversation with personnel. You will receive guidance in preparing for the interview and during the interview itself. This will save you time and you will build an up-to-date personnel file. With a conversation supervisor, every conversation leads to progress. 

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