Drawing up contracts is a task that Gesprek met personeel takes out of your hands. Drawing up contracts involves a great deal of knowledge. If this is not done precisely, it can have major consequences for you as an employer. That is why our professional will be happy to help you draw up and manage contracts. 
Managing contracts
Managing contracts means that contracts drawn up are stored in an orderly manner, both physically and digitally. As a result, you will always be able to find the right information quickly. It also provides a clear overview of which agreements have been entered into and when the contracts expire, so that you can take timely action with regard to your employees.
Drawing up contracts
In addition to proper contract management, drawing up contracts is another important task of a contract manager. Think of dismissal letters, settlement agreements, annual contracts, confidentiality agreements, processing agreements and so on. Reporting on performance or assessment interviews is also part of the job description. In almost every organisation with staff, contracts are a daily occurrence. After all, all agreements made must be recorded. 
Point of contact for personnel matters
Contracts do not just happen. They are preceded by many things, such as negotiations. After drawing up a contract, it is possible in the course of time that employees complain about points included in the contract that are not fulfilled. In order to support this, our professional is also the point of contact for personnel matters. Both for the staff and for the manager(s). 
An example
In order to give you an idea of what our interim can do for you in the field of contracts, we give you an example of a letter of dismissal. Before drafting the letter of dismissal, agreements have to be made. For example, agreements must be made about the notice period, compensation arrangements and agreements on the handing in of company property. Next, a watertight contract must be drawn up. It is also necessary to ensure that everything is properly observed. All matters that you outsource to a contract manager.
Engage a contract manager
A contract manager takes a lot of work off your hands by managing and drawing up contracts. A contract manager is also the point of contact for personnel matters. Our professional is aware of all current regulations regarding employment conditions and works accurately. In addition, our contract manager works personally and everything is discussed with you in advance. You will receive a clear explanation of the content of each contract. Are you interested in hiring a contract manager? Then please contact us.

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