Gesprek met personeel relieves managers of HR and of engaging in various types of discussions with their staff.

With our professional support we arrange numerous HR and P&O matters, supervise conversations and round them off administratively.

We advise your company and are a neutral third person in difficult situations.


HR interim services

Our HR services include supervising difficult conversations, such as a performance review. Drafting contracts and dismissal letters and sick leave management. We also serve as a contact point for personnel matters, both for managers and employees.

P&O interim services

Our P&O services focus on the processes of personnel and organisation development. Gesprek met personeel offers guidance in the field of back office services. Also the screening of processes (are you not paying too much, is everything running smoothly, what is the risk?) falls under the core tasks. Think for example of ICT.

About Gesprek met personeel

Gesprek met personeel was founded by Joost Horlings. Thanks to his years of experience with problem files, Joost knows how to identify the problems within an organisation in no time at all. Through personal guidance, Joost, as an HR and P&O partner, ensures an appropriate approach.